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Badly Needed Update

Anthony Rego

If you’re reading this you’ve discovered that we finally got around to launching our web page. We’re gonna give it the old college try to keep it regularly updated, but as we learned when we started the brewery sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day…so bear with us. 

Lot’s of big things coming up for us. First, we’ve signed a deal with Remarkable Liquids to distribute our beer. For our loyal Rushing Duck fans this means that our beer should be in more of your favorite bars and restaurants and will now be available in the Albany/Saratoga area as well as our current counties covered in the lower Hudson Valley. For me, this means that I’ll be able to spend more of my time brewing beer instead of driving all over to deliver kegs.

Also, we’re in the midst of planning a bunch of events, beer dinners, and festivals. We’re still finalizing a lot of it, but we have some really cool things planned, so we’ll keep you posted. 

And finally onto the topic of beer, specifically what’s coming up. We’ve just released our Bauli Saison which should be available into the summer, and we’ve also got some other new things lined up. We’re going to start doing one-off batches every few months of our Naysayer Pale Ale with experimental hops. The way we’ll do it is keep the grain bill of Naysayer the same as normal, but we’ll replace the hops with different experimental varieties to showcase the profile of the individual hop. Also, to clarify because I know I’ll get asked, the normal version of Naysayer will still be as available as always and the recipe will not change. This is simply a fun side project. We’re also going to work on some other one-off batches in the Interloper Series, we’re going to be adding a bunch more barrels to our oak-aged beer collection, and we’re also going to be bringing back a certain sorely missed double IPA in the next couple of months.