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Summer Update

Anthony Rego

After months of persistent requests and the occasional threat, we’ve finally brought back War Elephant DIPA. Just to keep everyone in the loop on its availability, War Elephant will be on tap in our tasting room and be sold to our bars and restaurants through at least the end of August and probably into September. After that we plan on re-releasing our Red Double IPA, Kroovy, and we’ll have that around for a few months before switching back over to War Elephant. So while we won’t have a double IPA available year-round, we will hopefully have one of the two available at any time. We feel like this is fun way to keep a good amount of variety, as well as a way to make sure that the beer stays as fresh as possible.

We’ve got a couple other projects and new beers that we’re working on as well. The first, which should be out for the weekend of July 13, is a one-off batch in our Interloper Series. We’re calling the beer Planet Funkatron (Toe-Jam and Earl fans will understand) and the beer is a Belgian-style Wit Beer base, but we are using Brettanomyces yeast to ferment it instead of normal brewer’s yeast. For anyone not familiar with Brettanomyces, it is often considered a beer spoilage organism that many breweries fight very hard to keep out of their brewery. However, in certain situations it can make fantastic beer…we’re hoping Planet Funkatron falls in that category. The Brett has a really unique flavor profile that gives the beer a complex fruity and slightly tart flavor.

Finally, it sounds strange to say, but Rushing Duck is closing in on our 1 year anniversary in August! To commemorate the occasion, we’re going to brew a special beer. Our flagship beer, Naysayer Pale Ale, is named after all of the Naysayers that were skeptical about Rushing Duck when we were opening up. Well, for our anniversary we wanted to name a beer for all other the awesome people that support Rushing Duck, so we’re calling it Yeasayer Triple Pale Ale. It is going to be a similar recipe to the Naysayer but scaled WAY up. It is going to clock in around 11 or 12% ABV and have about 6lbs. of hops per barrel of beer. We’re only going to do one batch of it, so it won’t be around for very long when it does make its appearance. 

That should keep everyone in the loop for now. Until next time, keep drinking RD beer!