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Our Beers


Naysayer Pale Ale

5.2% ABV – Naysayer is a West Coast styled pale ale. With over 2 lbs. of hops per barrel, it has more hoppy character than most IPAs, but with a modest ABV, medium-light body, and 35 IBUs it maintains the drinkability of a great Pale Ale. It has a deep golden hue, an effervescent citrusy/floral aroma, and just enough malt character to keep the hoppiness in check.

Beanhead Coffee Porter


5.7%ABV – Beanhead takes the base beer of a robust porter and pairs is with a fantastic coffee flavor that comes from a Guatemalan bean roasted by Java Love Coffee Roasting Co. in Kauneonga Lake, NY. Beanhead is completely black in color with an impressive tan head. It has a taste of intense coffee with overtones of bittersweet cocoa and caramel malt balanced with a slight earthy bitterness. While it may look filling, Beanhead is actually medium bodied and lacks the cloying sweetness that makes so many other stouts and porters seem so “heavy.”



7.3%ABV -is a celebration of all things malt. This beer is created with 5 different varieties of malt to produce an incredibly complex flavor profile that yield flavors of toffee, burnt sugar, toasted bread, and overripe fruit. Finished with a healthy portion of East Kent Golding hops from England, the beer has a balanced bitterness and a subtle herbal/fruity hop character. At 7.3%ABV, Nimptopsical gives you a gentle warming that demands respect. The name “Nimptopsical,” comes from Ben Franklin’s 1737 book, “The Drinker’s Dictionary” as a synonym used to describe someone that has had too much to drink.



War Elephant


8.7%ABV - War Elephant is as unapologetic as Double IPAs get. At over 4lbs. of hops per barrel, War Elephant contains a completely irrational amount of hops designed to create a unique hop experience. It has a “smack-you-in-the-face” hop aroma consisting of pine needles, grapefruit, tangerine, and other citrus fruits. Unlike many other Double IPAs, though, War Elephant has a subdued malt character so it’s never cloyingly sweet, and at 80 IBUs it isn’t overly bitter. Like all Rushing Duck beers, War Elephant is unfiltered so as not to strip any of the precious hop aromas from the beer. As a result it has a hazy golden color with a thick rocky head.

The name: War Elephants date back the 4th century BC in India where elephants were bred and trained to fight in an “elephant cavalry” as transport, but also as a weapon used to stampede the enemy. Unconfirmed rumors suggest that the elephants were sometimes given fermented beverages as a means to make them more aggressive as well as feel numb to injuries of war. Rushing Duck Brewing in no way encourages you to feed beer to elephants or any other animal, nor do we encourage animal fighting…but it is a pretty cool story.

Occasionally available in cans!


9.0% ABV Imperial Red Ale. Loaded with West Coast hops, it could really be called a “Red Double IPA”. Citrus and tropical fruit aromas are the first thing you’ll notice about Kroovy, but don’t overlook the slight caramel maltiness, or the body provided from adding 10% malted rye to the beer. Kroovy will satisfy even the biggest hophead!


Baby Elephant

Baby Elephant 4.4% abv. Babyis our Nice Weather-Backyard Drinking-Style IPA. It has the hoppy flavor and aroma of a Double IPA, but at 4.4% abv. it’s manageable to have a few without falling over! Baby Elephant is brewed with pale malt, wheat, and oats to give it enough body, but no cloying sweetness. It’s alsohopped with Simcoe, Centennial, Chinook, and Summit hops, which give Baby Elephant its signature juicy, citrus west-coast hop profile. Available during the Spring and Summer.

Pay to play

Pay to Play 6.5% - An easy-drinking IPA with hops from all around the world; America's West coast (El Dorado), Germany (Hallertau Blanc and Huell Melon), and New Zealand (Rakau). The flavors lean more toward melon and tropical fruit then citrus. With more oomph than Baby Elephant, this IPA is available during the Fall and Winter.

Bauli Saison

Bauli Saison

Bauli 6%– A new take on an old style. Saison’s originated in the South of Belgium and are famous for the distinctive fruity, spicy notes given off from the yeast. They also tend to be lighter, effervescent, and quenching. Bauli Saison is all of that, but adds a unique twist. We’ve added White Peppercorns, Coriander, and Kaffir Lime Leaves to the beer to enhance the spice flavors naturally produced by the yeast as well as adding a distinct citrus flavor to make it a lighter beer on the palate but still providing tons of flavor. This is our Spring Seasonal.


Zingerbier 4.6% abv.- Zingerbier is our take on a German-style Berliner Weisse. Traditionally brewed for the warmer months, Berliner Weisses are naturally soured to create a highly drinkable, refreshing beer. The quenching tartness of this beer is not dissimilar to that of a lemon, so we thought "what could we add to make this beer even more refreshing?" Ginger! Lemon/lime and ginger are a classic pairing in the culinary and beverage world for their ability to add subtle flavors that are as complex as they are refreshing. This is our Summer Seasonal. Look for cans of Zingerbier this summer!

De Levende Doden

DLD8.3% abv- Dutch for "The Living Dead."  The beer starts with a rich chocolatey base and the addition of the Belgian Trappist yeast and 7lbs of cherries per barrel gives De Levende Doden a complex fruitiness. The beer comes in at 8.3% ABV and is perfect for a cool, blustery fall night.

Ded Moroz


Ded Moroz 11.2%ABV – Meaning “Father Winter” in Russian, Ded Moroz, is pitch black in color. It is an imposing beer that is best enjoyed by slow sipping to fully soak up this beer’s complexity. It has a very deep flavor profile of dark chocolate, coffee, graham cracker, overripe fruit, amongst others. To add to its complexity, it is generously hopped with a large portion of imported Brittish hops to balance the sweetness and keep it true to style. Ded Moroz is a decadent treat perfect for the cold winter months!


Divided By Zero

Divided by Zero 6.8%abv- Imperial Session, Pale-Black-Indian Pale Ale akaa West-Coast Style IPA. It uses 5.5lbs. of hops per barrel, the most hops we’ve used in any of our beers. Using primarily Pilsner malt, the straw color and light malt flavor, take a distant backseat, allowing the hops to shine. This beer will show up sporadically; look at it like a happy surprise. "Oh, hello old friend!" you'll say. The most recent batch has Simcoe, Mosaic, El Dorado, Galaxy, Huell Melon, and Azacca hops. Occasionally available in cans!


Cured Rauchbier 6.8% - Cured is a collaboration beer with Brian’s Backyard BBQ in Middletown, NY.  Brian’s smoked 880lbs of the malt we brewed with to make this smoky lager.  Malty with big notes of campfire, bacon, and BBQ.

Imperial beanhead

Imperial Beanhead 9.6% - A bigger version of our Beanhead Coffee porter, we essentially doubled the ingredients. This made the beer much bigger and more complex, with notes of dark roasted malts, dark chocolate, and thick chewy coffee. The coffee, as always, is from our long-time collaborators at Java Love!

Planet Funkotron

Planet Funkotron 5.9% - A Belgian Witt beer fermented with brettanomyces yeast. This wild yeast gives it a tart, slightly funky flavor with notes of pineapple and lemon zest. We'll often cellar quantities of this beer for months or more, as the Brett will continue to develop, producing new flavors. Plus more funk! And yes, we did get permission from the creators of Toejam and Earl to use the name.

Dog's Bollocks

Dog's Bollocks 9.5% abv – Dog’s Bollocks is an English Style Ale, not unlike a classic Barleywine. To make this beer even more complex and flavorful, 25% of the beer has been aged in oak barrels that were originally used to age Bourbon. The base beer is rich and malty. It has a distinct caramel and biscuity flavors, and is balanced nicely with a nice dose of English hops. From there the barrel aging process helps smooth the beer out by adding vanilla, spice, oak, and bourbon notes to the beer. This beer is the “Dog’s Bollocks.” Occasionally available in bottles.



Beers that might come back, If and When we get to it.

Consumer Friendly Keg Mover

Consumer Friendly Keg Mover 5.3% - Super-hoppy lager originally released in the Summer of 2015. Hops: Simcoe, centennial, and Chinook hops and dry hopped with galaxy. Smooth and drinkable.

Lethargic Mallard

Lethargic Mallard 4.3% - Brewed originally in collaboration with DeCicco's around our 3rd year anniversary. This is a super hopped-up Berliner Weisse made with El Dorado, Simcoe, and Centennial hops. A great combination of hoppy and sour; super light and drinkable.


Quad 10.5% - Traditional quad. Malty with big notes of clove. A great beer to age in spirit barrels.

Gimme Samoa That

Gimme Samoa That 5.6% - Initially brewed as a collaboration beer with The Hop in Beacon. A Milk Brown with cocoa and 50lbs of fresh toasted coconut,  brewed to mimic the flavors found in the famous Samoa girl scout cookie.

One-Offs and Retired

Beers we only brewed once, or that have gone into indefinite hiatus. It is possible that a beer will come out of retirement. But probably not.

Azacca Pale Ale

Azacca Pale Ale 5.6% - A super pale-ale brewed only with Azacca hops. Azacca is a newer variety of hops that lends the beer notes of tangerine and melon. Released on tap in February of 2016

Mouse Count

Mouse Count 6.5% - A Belgian IPA dry hopped with Simcoe, Equinox, and Chinook. The hops give it a big west-coast-hop citrusy flavor, while the Belgian yeast smooths it out with slight fruity esters. Released on tap in December of 2015.

Onion Smash

Onion S.M.A.S.H. (Single Malt And Single Hop) 6% - This beer was made with Vienna Malt and Summit hops. We added yellow onions from the Orange County Distillery farm (Glebocki Farm) harvested from the black dirt of Orange County to complement the natural onion flavor of summit hops. Onion S.M.A.S.H was brewed for the Hudson Valley Craft Beer Week in September of 2015

Cuvee de Orange county

Cuvee De Orange County 5% - Cuvee is a saison/cider blend that has been aged in barrels that once held apple brandy, then cider, now our beer and was fermented with multiple strains of yeast and bacteria. We sat on these barrels for over a year and a half! Cuvee is reminiscent of a dry and tart French cider with a touch of oak. We released Cuvee in bottles November of 2015.

Chained to the Dead

Chained to The Dead 10.1% - We brewed this in collaboration with our former assistant, Steve, who is in the metal band Chained to the Dead. This is a robust Imperial Milk Stout with Cocoa. Released around our third anniversary in August of 2015.

Duck Duck Whale

Duck Duck Whale 6.6% - A Belgian Porter with Cocao Nibs, Lactose, and Orange Peel. We brewed this in collaboration with our friends, Finback Brewing out of Queens NY. Released on tap in June of 2015.


Glutenwine 12.8% - Our answer to people asking us if we have a gluten-free option? Making the most gluten-packed beer possible. This beer is made only with Rye and Wheat malts, the most gluten-y malts around. Super-viscous and pouring like maple-syrup, this beer is super malty and tastes almost like a dry barleywine (despite having no barley). Originally released in May of 2015.


Orangeweiss 4.6% - German-style Berliner Weisse made with fresh squeezed orange juice. Released on tap in the summer of 2015. 


FT3 (Full-Timer 3) 6.3% - A hoppy pale ale with Simcoe and Mosaic creating a pungent and dank aroma. This is Alexis' recipe, welcoming him to Rushing Duck as the third full-time employee. Alexis brewed professionally at Ramstein in New Jersey for 4 years before he came over to Rushing Duck in February of 2015. Originally released on tap March of 2015.

BrrWinter Weisse

BrrWinter Weisse 7% -  A Berliner-Weisse with elderberries, orange peel, and juniper. Higher in ABV for this style. Released on tap in January of 2015.

Manuary Ale

Manuary Ale 10% - This beer was brewed in honor of a group of Rushing Duck friends. Every year in January, this group embarks on an annual camping trip. What’s manlier than camping during the coldest month of the year? Not a whole lot, so enjoy this beer while sitting around a fire in the freezing cold, in the middle of the woods with good friends. Manuary Ale is a Black Belgian Style Tripel. It is brewed with a Trappist strain of yeast, and despite its dark color, it has a light body and no roasted or dark notes. So you’re probably asking yourself “why bother brewing a black version of a typically very light colored beer?” … because we can. Released in bottles and on draft December of 2014.

White Elephant

White Elephant 8.6% - This is a variation on our double IPA War Elephant. It is the same recipe, but we fermented it with a Belgian strain of yeast that leaves a natural haze as well as a pineappley ester. Released on tap in November of 2014.

Been to Barbados

Been to Barbados 11.3% - English strong ale (Imperial Nimptopsical) aged in rum barrels named for another phrase in Ben Franklins "Drinker's Dictionary" (hence Ben on the label). Released in 32oz capped swing top growlers November of 2014.

Imperial Nimptopsical

Imperial Nimptopsical 11.3% - An imperial version of our Nimptopsical Ale. We doubled the ingredients, making it bigger and more complex, essentially a barleywine. We brew this specifically to put into barrels and age, but occasionally we have a little leftover that we put on tap.

Part II

Part II 10.6% - A blend of 3 different beers aged in bourbon barrels for over a year; an Imperial Stout and two different Barleywines. Released for our 2nd anniversary in the end of August of 2014.

Duck RAm

Duck Ram 8.6% - A Baltic Porter made in collaboration with Ramstein Brewing in Butler NJ. Dark and roasty yet smooth due to the use of larger yeast. The first time we brewed a lager. Released on tap in the end of August of 2014.

Honey Seeker

Honey Seeker 8.6% abv.– A Belgian-style strong ale brewed with the addition of an abundance of honey.  It pours a deep golden color, with a very effervescent nose. It has pronounced esters of bubble-gum and banana, typical of a Belgian-style beer. But with the addition of 240lbs. of honey per batch as well a nice malty backbone, you’ll notice flavors reminiscent of honey spread on toast.

About the name: Honey Seeker is named after an 8,000 year-old cave painting found in Spain depicting the practice of “honey hunting,” in which members of ancient tribes would subdue colonies of bees, usually with smoke. They would then knock the hive to the ground (or in the case of this famous cave painting) climb into the tree to retrieve the honey. Originally released in June of 2014

Count Koala's Chocolate Quad

Count Koala's Chocolate Quad 10.6% -  A Belgian Quad with cocoa nibs. Released originally on tap in May of 2015.

Mission to Earth

Mission to Earth 7.6% A Brett Braggot brewed with 30% honey and fermented with that wild yeast we love so much. This was the last beer in our Brett series released on tap in the Summer of 2013.

Panic on the Funkatron

Panic on the Funkatron 6.1% - A Brett IPA, basically a hopped-up version of Planet Funkatron. The second in our Brett Beer series released after the initial release of Planet Funkatron, Summer 2013. 


Yeasayer 10.4% - This was our 1st Anniversary Beer released the end of August, 2013 in 32oz special growlers. It has a recipe resembling our flagship Naysayer Pale Ale, but with twice the ABV and 6 times the amount of hops! The Man would have you call it an American Barleywine, but we called it a Triple Pale Ale.

Tony's Smarleywine

Tony's Smarleywine 10.6% - An experimental smoked barleywine we released on tap in January of 2013.